Adjustable Dometic Thermistor Repair
RM1350, RM2454, RM2601, RM2607, RM2611, RM2612, RM2620, RM2652, RM2654, RM2662, RM2807, RM2811, RM2812, RM2820, RM2852, RM2862, RM3607, RM3662, RM3663, RM3762, RM3807, RM3862, RM3863, RM3962, RM4872, RM4873, RM7030, RM7032, RM7730, RM7732, RM7832, S520, S530, S619, S620, S630, S819, S820, S830, S1521, S1531, S1621, S1631, S1821, S1831, NDR1062, NDR1292, NDR1492, DM2652, DM2852, All DM prefix models matching above RM prefix numbers also
All Dometic Refrigerators that have only one thermistor in refrigerator Cabin. For Dometic 8XXX series please use the thermistor further down on this webpage.

Adjustable Norcold Thermistor Repair
Norcold 1200, 1210, 1200LRIM, 1201LRIM, N410, N412, N510, N512, N610, N611, N611F, N621, N621F, N623, N624, N640.3, N640.3F, N641, N641.3, N641.3F, N641BK, N641F, N641IM, N641SS, N641SSF, N641WH, N641IMBK, N641.3WH, N641IMSSF, N641IMF, N810, N811, N811F, N814F2, N811V, N821, N821F, N821V, N822, N822F, N824, N823, N841, N841.3, N841.3BK, N841.3F, N841.3SS, N841.3WH, N841BK, N841BKV, N841F, N841IM, N841IMBK, N841IMF, N841IMSS, N841IMSSF, N841IMV, N841IMWH, N841SS, N841SSF, N842, N842F, N842IM, N842IMF, N842IMSS, N842IMSSF, N842SS, N842SSF, N843IM, N843IMF, N843IMSS, N843IMSSF, 1200LR, 9100, 9162, 9163, 9182/F, and 9183
Many More Not Listed

Adjustable Norcold Classic (89-90's Models) Thermistor Repair
Norcold 652, 653, 662, 663, 682, 683, 876, 6052, 6053, 6062, 6063, 6082, 6083, 6162, 6163, 6182, 6183, 8662, 8663 and 61693822 thermistor equivalent
If you think your refrigerator might be vintage and classic model but its not listed here please let us know so we can verify its compatibility. email:

Norcold Evaporator Thermistor 44X/45X/46X/48X or MRFT41X/44X/46X or DC0051 Repair Kit
Norcold Evaporator Thermistor for DC440, DC451, DC490, DE441, DE451, DE461, DE490, MRFT415, MRFT440, MRFT460, and DC0051 Refrigerators
These fridge units require only a single thermistor cable replacement as provided (OEM)

Adjustable Dometic Thermistor Models RM RML 8500 8555 8XXX
RM8500, RM8555, RML8555
All Dometic 8XXX refrigerators

Repair of Dual Thermistor Dometic (New Style Fridge)
NDA1402 (so far only unit that we know that needs this thermistor). Please note: This thermistor can be only used on Dometic fridge that have two thermsitors in fridge compartment. One on fin and another on side wall. All other dometic units use the adjustable style single option. This thermistor can be used on both the wall mounted and fin replacement, it doesn't add adjustement however.
Please let us know if you think or question your model other than NDA1402 may be using this thermistor and we will add it to the list of supported types if verified.

Waeco Thermistor Repair Waeco CF18 Through CF60
Waeco CF18, CF25, CF35, CF40, CF50, CF60, all VERA, all VERB, CDF35 and CDF45
These fridge units require only a single thermistor cable replacement as provided (OEM)

Waeco Thermistor Repair CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB
Waeco CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB
These fridge units require 2 thermistor cables and this purchase provides both of them (OEM)

Dometic Thermistor
Dometic Thermistor Instructions
Norcold Adjustable Thermistor